The Strange Flavors Of Korea

I’m not sure if you remember, but when I was in China, I got a lot of candy and snacks to try, and made a little video of opening, and testing them for you guys to see.

Well… What better place to do another video like this, than in Korea! Yay!

I’m ready! Let’s see what I ate:

Have you tried any of this food before? And do you have any idea exactly what that thing is in the can?

I don’t want to scare you all! We did had the chance to go out to nice restaurants as well, and these pix I took from the beautiful Haeundae Grand Hotel at the Buffet, which was absolutely amazing! My plate looks confusing.. because its a buffet, so I wanted to try a little bit of everything! buffet

And the dessert…


Also, sometimes we order the “lunch box” backstage when we really don’t have the time to go out to eat.. and that’s how it looks. I actually like it!


These pizzas to me.. are really strange. Just order me a Margherita and I will be fine. No fancy, experiential pizza surprises! ⊙.☉


Some strange finds at the nearby convenient store..


Snacks we got backstage.


And if you didn’t see the Chinese Food video, here it is:

What do you think? Will you be brave enough and put these in your mouth? ⊙.☉


  1. That moving picture at the top tells me that thing must not have been good. Even trying things that you are used to might turn out differently in other countries.

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