Yes, we come to the last episode of my appearance on “The Great Magician” on CCTV3! I was so honored to join the wonderful magicians of the TV program and to became part of the family of the crew and creative minds of this fun project!

I was sad of course but a bit relieved to just sit back and watch the upcoming episodes from the audience! I had really little sleep during this project and regardless of the amount of fatty Chinese food and dumplings, I was loosing weight. During rehearsals I get injured a few times, due to the inexperienced crew who never worked a magic show before. But this time, my last show was different. Before I appear inside a glass box, my head got injured. Although I act like it’s all fine, during my final bow I feel dizzy and as the judges start talking to me, my vision blurs and the voices slowly starts to faint away. After the show my team brought me to the hospital where I get the proper medication.


3am rehearsals with the provided props


With Rock during the lighting rehearsal

Watch our performance

Katalin chair

Watch the full show 

Katalin last show

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