Sailin’ Away


When the choreographer showed up and the girls started warming up in their little rehearsal outfits, all ready to burn the dance floor.. I was looking for the “exit” sign. “Check please!” Of course I acted like I’m all cool.. But in truth, I have no idea how to move or even count the steps! Seriously, the reason I never joined the aerobic team at the gym, because when everybody was moving to the rhythm, I was stepping the opposite direction, knocking over people accidentally, stumping on strangers feet.. So I never really forced the idea. Bur now I have to synchronize with my dancers, moving to the music, on prime time, Chinese television. In short: Mission::Impossible

Katalin dance

Not having enough time to rehears – I mean, AT ALL – I’m just trying to remember as many directions as I can, told by the Chinese choreographer, who – so as everybody around me – was not speaking a word in English. Supaaa~

Somewhere I red online discussions about me (I think it was at the magic cafe, where people can discuss ideas, and be the part of an active online magic community) where their sincerely thought, I am a professional showgirl, turn into magician… Hahaha! Thank you for the good faith! 🙂

But I actually am “just” a magician.. 🙂 No special training here, no dancing or circus background.. I’m all self taught, baby!

Perhaps this was one of the images that led my curious readers to an inaccurate direction. Here I’m at Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas, playing the “Showgirl” character, when I made my dress, feather accessories and headdress. So much fun! And work.. But I didn’t dance or do the Rockettes number!

The magic of a push-up bra.. FYI 100% Hungarian here! :p

So keeping this story short, I really had no choice, just go with the flow. Or I should say, with the wave.. 😛 And really, anything is possible once you set your mind to it! Just do it!

Katalin sailor framed

Look at the gallery bellow:

Watch our performance:

Katalin sailors

Watch the full episode: 

Katalin Sailor

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  1. Of of your cool outfits. I don’t how to dance either. With the right person I would take lessons. Maybe you want to take dance lessons with me?

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