Lifetime of Achievements

I remember running in the dressing room to prepare my props and table, and the music coming from the stage made my heart jump! I knew that I’m following the performer on stage and for a second I thought I will faint from the excitement if I have to compete in front of all those people in the audience! This was my first experience of the famous, Hungarian Corodini Magic Competition! Not even thinking that 15 years after this, I will be living in America, working as a magician!

Recently I’ve been honored to present a legend, Mr Tihany of the Lifetime Achievement Award from the famous Corodini Magic Association! Mr Tihany, who was born in Hungary -just like Erik Weisz (aka Houdini), Rubok Erno, or Kempelen de Pázmánd (aka Wolfgang von Kempelen) just to name a few-, but immigrated when he was only 14 years old, now living in a beautiful home in a heart of Las Vegas, surrounded by memories and awards. He created the famous Tihany Circus at a very young age and actually learned magic from his dear friend, Corodini!

What a magical moment it was talking to the 98 year old Mr Tihany when I handed him the Corodini award! Telling me about his family, journey, travels… Truly magical!


Our first time meeting, when Mr Tihany visited to see the World’s Greatest Magic Show at the Greek Isles Hotel in Las Vegas! We took this photo after the show.


And look what I’ve found! A diploma from the Corodini Magic Competition and I believe my dad has the actual award that I’ve also received! This competition is still happening in Budapest, every year, where the upcoming, young magicians can show off their skills and new ideas!


What a great time it was getting stage experience during these European competitions and guest appearances in some tv shows! I’m so grateful for this time in my life 🙂



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