Preparations and Showtime

After 4 weeks of testing (consuming, really) traditional Chinese food, and try mastering the proper pronunciation of these special dishes, I was pretty sure, nothing can stop me for surviving and succeeding in Beijing!

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This wasn’t my first time in China, and I have tested many strange things before.. So I was ready for this game!

Number of weeks of rehearsals and preparations with the well-known opera singer and lovely partner of mine, Mr Yang! We created one of the teams of the six in the successful, Chinese reality tv series, “The Great Magician”.


The language barrier was I think the most difficult that we had to overcome! I was studying every day.. But Chinese.. (I’m Hungarian, you know! Which is not an excuse.. just saying’) But my tongue doesn’t even bend that way (as pervy as it sounds) but it’s true! I simply can’t pronounce most of their words! I truly respect those foreign students that speak many languages with such an ease! How do you guys do that??

Katalin on stage

I was very proud of Mr Yang! It’s not easy to act like a magician, when you really never done anything like this before! He was actually really funny, with his gestures and facial expressions.. But I wasn’t killed and he didn’t accidentally expose any magic secrets! (You will be surprise if you ever come to Vegas to see some magic shows.. Mr Yang can easily be a headliner in town) 😛

Watch our performance

Yand Body Illusion


Watch the full episode:

Yang points


    1. Thank you, thank you! The whole show is now available on YouTube as well!
      Also, I’m looking forward working with you so we can write some posts together! 🙂 Yay!

  1. That outfit that you wore at the beginning of that performance is definitely sexy. But I still find you sexy even in sweats.

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