1. I have watched the show “大魔术师” and I think that if is a pity to see you leave the stage. I think that your challenge is the most difficult among all the magicians. As an international students, I am sure that it is nearly impossible to communicate only through cell phone, and Mr. Yang’s poor English is very destructive in the process of “teaching magic”. I cannot believe that they just can not find a translator to help! Well, although the situation is so harsh, still you have done your best. You are the best! Good luck with your following shows!

    1. Hi Roger! Thank you for writing and following our journey with Mr Yang! I am learning Chinese and he is now better with his English as well, but it was definitely a great challenge and I’m very proud of him! I learned so much just as he did during our show! I feel the 大魔术师 wasn’t the end, but a beginning of something special! Thank you for your support! 🙂

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