Making Magic With Sponge Balls

When I was really little and learning about sleight-of-hand, I chose cards and rubber bands that I can practice with. Somehow sponges never really appealed to me. I didn’t understand how to introduce it to the audience. “Here, I have sponges…” Why should anybody carry sponges with themselves, especially round cut, red sponges? One might wonder. You are either A: a clown, or B: a magician. (I don’t like to introduce myself as a “magician” when I perform strolling magic. I prefer to have the magic happen so the audience don’t expect it, and the reaction is greater. People might have preconception to different subject, and I like to start with a blank canvas instead.)

So I never took the time as a magician to actually practice and learn the different techniques with sponge balls. Well, that was about to change..

I’ve done a few magic video ideas already. It was feminine, crazy or funny… I never actually done something that would really be about romance and love. Just like my other videos, I wanted to tell a story without words. But I also realized, I’ve never used sponges before.. So I started to play around with the idea: Magic, with sponges! 😛


There is really nothing I can think of, when I look at red sponges, than CLOWNS. (You see what I mean about preconception?) So I just had to come up with the idea how to include a clown, with a nose in the love story, that would make sense! That’s where the love letter came in the picture. Which is kind of cute, the fact that my character’s loved one is a man, with a great sense of humor, sending her a “miss you” card with a sad clown face.

Everything else came organically. Once I had the basic ideas, all the moves and techniques were just me, playing around front of the mirror, seeing the different handling in different angles.

Thanks to Joseph Gabriel who found the heart sponges and for creating the clown face, and for my girlfriend who took the time to create the “miss you” card with the envelope for this video! I had great fun designing my look with all careful details, starting from the nails to the makeup, hair, costume (I’m wearing a super sexy Victoria’s Secret lingerie), but also enjoyed making the storyboard, setting the lights taping and editing.

All the sleight-of-hand moves I learned wearing these long nails. (Top that David Blaine) 😛

The music was specially composed by Hungarian artist, Levente Egry after YouTube gave me a copyright issue of me for a tune I made on GarageBand using the public free templates in the software. (Yes, I was making the music as well) I try to fight it, but it was just a waste of energy and with 2178 views I had to remove the first “valentine” movie, and re-post it with the new music! I realized, it’s suppose to be like that! Now my movie is actually much better with it’s own music! Perfection! <3

Here you can visit my YouTube Channel to see all my videos and also look at all my vignettes I created so far!

Thank you for watching! xo

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  1. I understand what you mean about sponges. It’s one of the more unusual thing to be carrying to use for magic. I like the idea of you not saying directly that you are a magician. Surprising people with magic is so much fun and interesting.

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