Performing for G-Technology at the beautiful Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Las Vegas!

G-Tech Mandarin Oriental Show

Love, love, love Vegas 😀

This Monday I had the pleasure to entertain the fantastic people from G-Technology! They specifically wanted a female magician! 🙂

MissKatalin G-tech3

Mandarin Bar where the event took place

MissKatalin G-tech5

Miss Katalin performing for the guests

MissKatalin G-tech6

Making money appear and vanish

MissKatalin G-tech4

The beautiful view from the Mandarin Bar

MissKatalin G-tech7

Reaction shot! 😀

MissKatalin G-tech10

Magical moments

MissKatalin G-tech8

Improv magic for the guests

MissKatalin G-tech9

My new British friends 🙂

The event was held at the beautiful Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Las Vegas! This was my very first time at the hotel and I was totally blown away! Beautiful view, very classy atmosphere and joyful audience! I couldn’t ask for more! 😀
I also learned, there is number of Mandarin Oriental Hotels around the world! There is one in San Francisco, NY, Miami… Also in Tokyo, Macau, Singapore… AND in Europe as well!! Prague, Barcelona and more! Not in Budapest just yet, but I will keep on eyes of this hotel for sure!
In Vegas, between floor 3-23 are hotel rooms, and above the Mandarin Bar (where I was performing at) are actual suites where people can live! No casino, very private, very unique. Now that is just cool! 🙂
Have you ever been to the Mandarin Oriental? Would you live in a hotel in the hearth of Las Vegas? I wonder if this is the same in Macau or Prague..

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