The Cat Eye

Playing around with the sexiest makeup for the eyes, the cat eye! The secret of creating the perfect lines are simple! Test and use the right eyeliners! Everybody is different, and if you can’t succeed, it’s maybe not you, but the product you are using!


Also for this look, keep it simple! Use a soft pink or natural color for the lids to highlight the crease and shape your eyes!


I love lashes, so if you know how to apply falsies, it’s a must for this look!


I kept the bottom lashes simple, just apply a bit of mascara. Don’t fall in the mistake of overdoing it!


Shape your brows and remember, keep it simple. Although this is the look that easily can handle the bold, red lips as well! Give it a try!

I am so wrapped up right now, working on number of different projects at once, that I hardly have time to post and write.. However, I’m always looking forward to these posts! Let me know what you think of this look! XO

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