Flashback Tuesday / Photo-shoot

Three years ago I had a wonderful time shooting new pictures at Beckett Studios with Richard Faverty! I wanted to post this footage, because I just found it and I completely forgot about it! It brings back so many fun memories!

When I shoot, I bring waaaaay to many outfits, ides, and makeup, wigs etc. At home practice the positions that would look good and weeks ahead I play with the makeup so I know what I’m doing at the dressing room. When I arrive, the last thing I want to do is waste time in the dressing room! So makeup and hair in the morning at home, and change quickly at the dressing room, so I can squeeze in as much photos for a day as I can possibly can!

Thanks to Richard, who is totally cool working hard and for taking my crazy requests! He is a joy to work with!

So here it is! My flashback for the funnest photo-shoot of 2010!


  1. I’m a guy so of course I think you are extremely sexy and pretty in the photo shoot. But you are also very pretty and sexy in just jeans and a plain top.

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