Smokey Seductive

This week I wanted to create soft, smokey eyes that look seductive without trying too hard! Meaning it’s not too harsh, not too dramatic, but frames the eyes perfectly. The secret is blending, blending, blending!


The great thing about this look, it’s wonderfully highlights the natural color of your eyes!

I used the pink blush at the side of my cheeks and if you look closely, at the inner corners of my eyes as well! This will bring more color and warmth to the face!


Very gently winged the shadow upwards, creating a cat-eye kind of effect without an eyeliner!


I prefer keeping the lips natural when I have stronger eye-makeup, but I believe for this look, booth nude and red lips would work great!


The lashes will add extra drama without trying too hard!


Well, that’s it! Hope this inspired you! Let me know what you think of this look! Have a great Thursday! XO

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