Flashback Tuesday / Secret Video

104 weeks ago I created a video that had been removed from the YouTube ” published” page and it’s hiding under my “private” list. The music I’ve created with GarageBand, YouTube claims that I don’t have the right to use it. So with 2178 views I had to move it to “private” and re-publish the same video with different music. Luckily my friend, Levente wrote a special piece, just for this video, and now I believe it’s much, much better! Have you seen it? I even posted a little behind the scenes photo of detail of my nails. (they are fake nails, because it was easier for me to design it and apply it right before the shoot)

Sneak peek from my valentine video!

A post shared by Miss Katalin (@misskatalin) on

So if the original movie would be up, it will be already up to 5151 views! Also, I’m creating a new video theme, called #AskKat where I will be selecting 7 random questions from you guys and answering them every Sunday in a video! So yes, my Sunday Secret post will be a video post from now on, but also publish it here, so we can all answer the selected questions!

Enough blabbing! Have a great Tuesday! 🙂

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