Shimmery Eyes

I was so excited to play around with different lighting for this shoot! The sun went down and I was forced to either do photos the next day or come up with my own way of making this post possible. So with a little bit of magic, and a simple Ikea lamp with a reflector, 🙂 I was able to create a quite dramatic look here!






I really enjoyed how this effect came about from complete randomness, and how interesting this look without even trying! Love the shadow casted by the lashes! Plus the bronzer gives drama to the cheeks!



It’s a nice example why it’s a good choice to use shimmery eyeshadows for the evening (let’s say for a dinner date with romantic lighting with candles), and leave the neutrals for during the day.



I’m actually happy that I was forced by nature to shoot in a darker settings, because I think this look would probably look too much in bright sun light..

Also a little note: When you go for bold, smokey eyes, sometimes it’s safer to use nude or soft lips and vice versa! Just a simple eye liner to rock your big, bold red lips!

Hope you enjoyed this post! Remember, true beauty coming from self confidence, and perhaps a little bit of makeup can help you get there! If you are confident, you are happy, and if you are happy, you are beautiful! Have a lovely Thursday and rock on! XO

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