MWiP / We Don’t Live Only Once, We Live Every Day!

My friend and I sat in a restaurant. It was completely spontaneous, we didn’t even plan it, but we were both hungry and there wasn’t a wide choice of restaurants to choose from; and this place was really nice! After the waitress showed us our table, properly placed our textile napkins and the other servers instantly rushed with fresh water and bread to our table, she asked:

     “What are we celebrating tonight?”

My friend and I looked at each other for a second, than I said:

     “Life. Life in general and specifically this day.” 🙂

I don’t have to follow any kind of guidelines, or read a special book that will teach me how to shed my bad habits. I just do it! And screw it, I lost so many things in my life, I cried over so many bad situations that now I’m just done! We don’t live only once! We have the gift to live every day, and specifically, live in this moment, now! I’m still healthy, happy and have a free choice. And my choice is to be the person who I really am. Happy and adventurous! In short, here is my week in pictures!

Monday, lunch on Ventura.


Tuesday, “China, the Whole Enchilada”!

Wednesday at Boa Steakhouse!


Thursday, a new makeup look!


Friday, restaurant discoveries!


Saturday at Universal Walk!


Sunday, wine testing and making new friends!

These were the highlights of my last week! Naturally I can’t release all my secrets, but I’ll keep you guys posted soon about what I’m really working on lately! So excited! Have a lovely new week! XO

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