Wet and Wild

I’m totally hooked on this chocolate tea I got from Cost Plus the other day! I’m not sure what you like better, coffee or tea in the morning, but I vote for the 2nd. A perfect black tea can instantly put me in the mood for creating. I like to start the day by designing a look and photograph while the sun is at the right angle (my apartment is really dark), than I usually have a bite while selecting the pictures I like. After I refresh my website, update my blog and try to answer as many comments as I can! I love to read them and to know, I keep others inspired by staying focused and motivate myself at the same time. It’s like a virtual teamwork. So thank you for reading and commenting here or on facebook/ twitter. 🙂 Enough about me, let’s see the look!


I re-discovered my Illamasqua liquid eyepalette, that I personally believe will never run out. A little goes a long way, so if you consider buying it, the price totally worth it (both the amount and quality)!

Katalin_IllamasquaIllamasqua Liquid Eye Palette, buy it here.

I wanted to keep this look very natural and almost ferry like. I wanted the shiny eyelids to rule!


If you have enough brows and haven’t made a choice of plucking it completely out during the 90’s when it was a big fashion (at least in my country).. than you can brush it up like I did here, opening the eyes, giving you brighter look!



I love playing around with different looks! Maybe you can give it a try as well! 😉 Happy Thursday, and keep creative! XO

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