How I Became A Google GLASS Explorer

Many of you were asking me how to get Google Glass and how I became a part of this exciting project!


My great friend, Jason Baney who is a wonderful mind in magic suggested to write to Google. At the time there was a limited number of 5 thousand Glass in the World and Google were looking for those people who have the interest purchasing the prototype aka the first version of Glass. I had all those ideas, and endless opportunities imagining combining Glass with magic! Bringing it to the stage, behind the scenes and creating special ideas with it! I did made a few videos, but I wasn’t 100% happy with the results. One of my main idea was to able to project what the Glass sees and with the new version, this will be all possible! I’m so excited!

Google really liked my idea and thought it was one of the most exciting things they have heard so far! So on July, 2013 I got my first Glass. I brought it backstage at the Masters of Illusions TV show, I performed with it at the Montclair Private Golf Club and I discovered the Forbidden City in Beijing, China!

Finally I received the new GLASS yesterday, so I decided to tape a video as I’m figuring out the settings:

You can become an Explorer as well by simply filling out a simple form on Google’s website. However, please note, there is a reason why Google is not selling the Glass in the stores just yet. It is still under development.

What do you think of Google Glass??

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