It’s Here!!! / Google Glass Update / The New Glass

It’s here!! Guess what just arrived tonight?


That’s right, my new Google Glass! Yaaay!



This is my 2nd Glass, as I am an Explorer ever since July 2013! Finally Google updated the original, first edition that I mailed back to them, and they sent back the “fresh” version! I could have also changed the color, but I do like the white.


I wasn’t truly pleased with the first Glass, and the ideas I had for using it during my performances wasn’t as easy as I thought, but I think, with all the improvements they made, I’m so exited giving it another try!


They sent me this awesome earpiece, that I can connect to my Glass and use it instead of the built-in speaker. Always nice to have a 2nd choice..


They asked me to return my Glass only, and keep the accessories, however they sent me more accessories with my new Glass (the shades, another pouch, charger and a booklet) that I already have, plus I got this ear piece! So happy!


I’m looking forward to the new Glass, I can’t wait to try it out!

What do you think of Google Glass?

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