10 Dollar Favorites From Ipsy

I do recommend you to try out Ipsy, a personalized monthly beauty subscription for only $10! You will receive 4-5 trial/ full size products from new or well knows brands. The reason I subscribed is to find new products and give them a test run on and off stage! I’m always looking for the best, and both my preferences are very different. Off stage a prefer smooth, naked look. On stage I need more, sweat-proof coverage that looks good when the spotlight hits me.

daytonightDay to night look.

Kat_Ipsy2Inside my January Ipsy bag


This is my second bag from Ipsy. The first one was the December bag and I was very happy with the products that I received in that as well.


A liquid foundation from Yaby in “bluff” color, that I’m wearing on the photos below. In my opinion it’s hard to apply and you have to work very quick in order to look natural and not cakey.



I love the smell of this face lotion from … I recommend wearing it during the day with SPF cream. It does give you a wonderful scent and you can apply it just on your neckline.


I absolutely love the way this lipstick feels on me, and was pleasantly surprised that it didn’t stained my teacup while sipping tea as  I was writing this blogpost. It’s from MICAbeauty and I highly recommend to try it out!



This brush is going to be my new favorite for sure!



Ipsy Monthly Subscription
Price: $10/month
Available: online with an easy registration

Classic Small Foundation Brush by Coastal Scents
Price: $4.95
Available: online

Face Lotion by Nourish Organic
Price: $21.99
Available: online

Purifying Exfoliant by epice
Price: $32
Available: online

Liquid Foundation by yaby
Price: $13.55
Available: online

LipBalm by MICAbeauty
Price: $14.95
Available: online

Have a fabulous Thursday! XO

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