MWiP – Excuses

MWiP aka My Week in Pictures

So… When you are a professional blogger and making great $$ posting your exciting thoughts, you can’t just vanish and not write for weeks!

On the other hand, if you are… like say a magician.. writing for fun, and have half a million things on your plate (like concurring the world or organizing your card collections and so forth…) than it’s ok not to write for a few days, because you deep inside know, your beloved online readers will understand, and they even encourage you to take as much time as you need! No pressure necessary.. This would be ideal. 🙂

So past week, I was mainly working at home, and popped out only for errands. On my photos I might look glamorous, but believe me, my days are not that spectacular to record it every minute! Especially when you are SICK! That’s right! I was a little bit.. sneezy and thought it’s best to rest, watch some tv series and drink as much tea as I possibly can. 🙂

This is my excuse, take it or leave it! I am still fabulous and I don’t have to prove myself to you! 😛

IMG_4506Coconut Chai Tea, my new discovery

IMG_4517Absolutely adore my water kettle! Love it!

IMG_4523Every morning is a ritual! > Watching the beautiful color dissolve from the tea leafs in this teapot.

Happy, happy, fabulous, fantastic, unbelievable new week for you all! XO

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