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I might be too dramatic naming this posting “recovery”, but after the shows and preparations of the New Year, I now feel like just laying in bed and shutting my phone off. For good. 🙂 I’m also doing a BIIIG cleaning of my place (old, sentimental magic props and belongings has to go) and creating more space for the possible new things. I am very good at cleaning up, organizing everything to a perfect, than a few weeks later having a hard time finding my computer as I trip over the unexplainable items on the floor, blocking my way to the desk. What is up with that? I just can’t seem to keep organized.

Just found this awesome website, where Jen will guide you to some simple and creative ways to get your sh*t together, stay that way and keep you inspired. I’m in love! Check out IHeart Organizing dot com.

Anyway, this posting should be about My Week in Pictures, so here we go, all the things I’ve done this past week. Let’s see:

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"Strike a pose" 📷🎉💋#blonde #model #photo

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Me as a blonde.

Discovered Hungarian Cheesecake in Hollywood! (I am from HU if you were wondering..)

Returning my Google GLASS for an updated version! (So excited)

Me as a brunette (I am)

About to enter the Magic Castle in Hollywood.

That night (Friday) I was performing 2 shows with David and Leeman. (That’s David)

Last night (Sunday) I went to see Play Dead at the Geffen Playhouse with David Minkin. What an awesome show!! We said hello to Todd Robbins after the show!

Ok, here we go! A new week, new possibilities, new exciting things to discover! Have a great Monday! XO

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