Instead Copy Laura

I am so busy, catching up with my duties right after the Holiday performances that I didn’t have the chance to make new beauty photos yet. However we can’t live without makeup (or is it just me??), so instead of my creations, take a look at Laura’s idea!

I found her creation a very long time ago and yes, made it right away! Such a wonderful idea, don’t you think? This magnetic, vintage frame will free up your bathroom counters and generate more space inside of your drawers. Who doesn’t want that, right? 🙂 CLICK HERE to learn how to do it!

More styles, same principle. Check them out HERE!


Katalin_TarteComing up next is the Tarte Present Box from Heaven (or at least this is how it should be called). I will show you what’s inside and create a few sassy looks for fun! 😉

Have a great Saturday! ♦XO♦

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