MWiP / Performing At The Magic Castle

This week was so joyful, thanks to Jack Goldfinger (Goldfinger and Dove) who is the entertainment director at the Magic Castle. As crazy this week was, and had harder time arranging my guests to come and watch me perform, I still think this was the most amazing week I’ve ever performed there. The week of the New Year and celebration of the Founder’s Day! But enough blabbing, here is, My Week in Pictures::


My Grandma’s cakes finally arrived! Yumm! 

Ready for the Magic Castle!! #magic #hollywood #backstage

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Backstage. My first day at the Castle.



New Year’s Eve! Alice in Wonderland Theme!


At the Magic Castle with friends! #magic #magiccastle #club #hollywood

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Founder’s Day at the Castle.

Late night dining! #hollywood

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My first time at Mel’s Drive-In. Very hard to find a 24 hour place in LA.. 🙁 


All the amazing people I’m sharing the stage at the Castle!


My sweet friend, who came to see me with her family were invited me to Canter’s to a Matzo Ball soup, and the most irresistible desert, ever! Thank you Alisa!


Backstage! My last shows are Sunday at the Magic Castle!! 🙂 #magic #hollywood

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Saturday night, posing in the dressing room, after my last show! Yaaay!


Hope your week was as fun as mine! Happy New 2014 and have an awesome, rocking new week! XO

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  1. Hi Miss Katalin
    I have been following your work on Twitter and your website videos. Will you come to Sydney Australia to perform soon? Or would I have to travel to Las Vegas to see one of your shows?

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