An Incredible Story Of A Hungarian Female Magician

Hey guys! Here is the article of me from a Hungarian Magazine, Nõk Lapja! I tried my best of translating it to you to English… BUT! I’m not a translator.. So if something makes no sense, just write me at the comment box bellow! 😉 Enjoy!

An incredible story of a hungarian female magician

by Gedeon Zsófi

She was just 5 years old when she got into the world of magic; and by 14 years of age, she was contracted to perform over seas. Difficult beginning, dirty offers and many resignation – here is the story of Katalin Czekman direct from Los Angeles.

If there is such a thing in the world as typical children things, than “when I grow up..” type of sentences will be one of them. Do you remember when one day you want to be an astronaut, the other a pilot or even the president of the United States? We were sure that one day we will find ourselves doing exactly that. Than after time – as we step into reality – the picture will clear up in front of us and we realize, not Santa Clause, nor real magic exists.

“Life challenges made her strong”

Albert Einstein once said, “There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” Katalin Czekman voted for the last one.

The beginning she had a different approach when she entered a house of Culture: she wanted to study acting. But faith dealt her a different card. “Unfortunately the institution didn’t had acting class, but magic instead. My mom asked me if I wanted to try. I didn’t mind at all and thought to give it a try” – said the twenty something girl from Los Angeles who – because of the time difference – were sat front of her web camera a bit tired. But when she continued the story, her fatigue disappeared. “All of a sudden I found myself vanishing coins and making cards appear out of thin air than performing them to my family. I’m coming from a carrying family and luckily everybody were supporting my attempts” – she said about the beginnings.

The young girl first though of magic as a hobby, but throughout her practices and developments she realized she is getting better, and this is her way. Teenage years, while other kids were playing, she was preparing her first magic competitions. Although she has done many shows before, never in front of a jury of her profession. At the age of fifteen, Katalin won all awards from the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Austria as well. When she was fourteen, she was contracted to perform in Dubai, UAE, at the age of sixteen she was appearing on a cruise ship and by the age of twenty, she was appearing in Las Vegas seven days a week.

They were bombing her with dirty offers – but she said no to all

Besides Katalin’s persistence and continuous practice she get where she is today because of her parents and the support of her excellent masters. “I am proud that I’ve achieved everything on my own strength. I don’t come from a rich family, nobody is coming from the entertainment industry, so nobody knew how to help. I could have had the opportunity to achieve quick fame in different ways (if you know what I mean..), but I didn’t want to be a successful female magician for that kind of price” – Katalin continued,  even more determined to moved to America because of these dirty offers, starting everything from zero.

She didn’t consider many things, like the homesickness or keeping a relationship alive without consistency. “It was hard at the beginning, but now I’m use to seeing my family every 3 years. Love is a whole different thing.. I just had a long relationship of mine end because of my work. It is impossible living with somebody to keep in touch with the help of technical devices. It’s nonsense.” said the female magician.

After we discussed how would a perfect relationship should be, I only had one last question to ask of her. I wonder when will the Hungarian audience could see this girl, who I believe we all should be proud of? “To move back to Hungary is quite surreal, because I just became an American citizen, and I still need to achieve plenty of my dreams. Although I would love to bring my show to Hungary, if my destiny bring me that way, I will be very happy” – smiled the young woman who were already entertained people from 52 points of the world, and even celebrities bought tickets to see her like Johnny Depp or David Copperfield.

As she said: the most wonderful feeling to her is that her whole industry recognize her talent. “Long ago I was entering different magic competitions, but now I get invited (like the world championship that took place in England) as an honorary guest performer. Besides this, I’ve just been contacted from a japanese tv and it’s seems like my youtube video short clips will air over Asia pretty soon” – finished Katalin who is currently performing between Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Beijing, as she added: she feels like she succeeded over seas.

2013. 11. 26.

Highlighted Awards and Performances
1997 – A 2. Czech Republic Magic Festival 1st place (junior category)
1998 – A 3. Serbian Magic Festival 2nd place (junior category)
1998 – A 3. Hungarian National Magic Festival 1st place (junior category)
1998 – A 4. National Magic Competition in Hungary 1st place – Magician of the Year Award
1999 – A 44. Austrian Magic Congress 2nd place
1999 – Czech Republic Magic Cocktail Festival 1st place and Grand Prix winner
1999 – A 12. National Corodini Magic Competition Magic Cup Hungarian Festival 1st place
1999 – A 7. Slovakian Magibor Magic Festival 3rd place
2008 – Las Vegas Magic Starring Joseph Gabriel and Katalin Tokyo, Japan (the most successful show of the Shinagawa Prince Hotel)
2008 – A The Magic of Joseph Gabriel and Katalin show in Nevada “The Best Show of the Year” (audience choice)
2009 – National tv show World Magic Awards winner (My Network TV)
2009 – The Legendary Kodak Theater (now called the Dolby Theatre) 53. It’s Magic Show aka the Famous Hollywood Magic Castle’s event’s only female magician

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Sometimes it’s bizarre reading your life story in just one page… it’s makes me feel like I’m a billion years old! 😀 But I feel so lucky to able to have so many various memories of me performing, competing and traveling. I know many more to come! Thank you for reading, and never give up your dreams!! XO


  1. Katalin, your wonderful achievements inspire me to reach for some achievements of my own.

    Like you, I fell in love with magic at a very young age (ten), and my dream was to become a magician doing big illusions. However, my life is quite the opposite of yours. My parents kept discouraging me to take up magic as a career. They said that I was wasting my time, I won’t make any money and I was not much better than a clown.

    Too bad I listened to them and today, I am 44 years old and in a boring job teaching computer programming when I could be traveling the world performing magic like you. I still don’t have any big illusion prop yet and I still dream of the day when I can do a big illusion show and get a standing ovation from the audience. Hopefully I can do this before I am too old (I’m not sure people want to watch a 70-year old illusionist).

    1. Hi Alex!

      Thank you for writing down your story!
      I believe your parents were simply concerned and wanted you the best. Let’s face it, not many magician can make an easy living being a magician. Most of the performers I know have a 2nd job, and doing other things just to survive. I had many, many people who made fun of me and telling me to give up, but I don’t write about it, because it doesn’t matter. I only pay attention to the positive energies, and the building advises! After all, you are the one who have to believe in yourself.

      I don’t believe in time and the fact that you can waste it. I believe that you can do anything you want to do and if you feel that you want to finally be a professional magician, than do it! Do it now! Being a close-up magician or an illusionist is really doesn’t matter. You can achieve great success without the big boxes! I also think people will not care about your age, as long as you are entertaining! I know you can do it! If I was able to do it, anybody can! 😉

  2. You are an amazing young woman, Katalin, and I’m honored to say I knew you here in Vegas. I wish you all the best always! Mary

      1. A very long time, yes. I think of you often, as part of the “good old days”. I hope you’re happy & doing well. PM me sometime if you’d care to chat. Hugs.❤️

  3. Totally awesome on your journey that Gedeon Zsófi wrote. Got to find the right venue to take you to the next level. You ROCK

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