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My last week in pictures::

I posted a little DIY magic video I taped 2 years ago. It’s a fun yet easy magic trick you can learn and perform for your family and friends!

Katalin4Chestnut inspired makeup pictures at my weekly CopyKat post 

Unique Xmas Tree ideas at my WTFriday post

Decorated a gingerbread house with my gfriend! 😀

Katalin4More makeup ideas I created for the Holidays. I usually post once a week, but I felt inspired! 😛

Visited the Magic Castle with two of my friends, Joel Ward and Michael Carbonaro.

We also collected lot’s of toys for the kids at this Toy Drive gathering! Thank you Gordon Bijelonic for organizing this little get together for a good cause!

Have a wonderful Christmas this week! Hope you can spend this time for your loved ones and able to give as much as you can! XO


  1. Do you have Christmas traditions from Hungary that you still do here in the USA? What’s your favorite Christmas memory from your childhood? What’s your favorite Christmas food? 🙂 I don’t mean to pry, I’m just curious how other countries and cultures celebrate Christmas.

    1. My family lived next door to my grandparents, so the night of Dec 24th, after family dinner we went over to them with my 2 sisters and were waiting for the presents to arrive! 🙂 We sang for the tree and finally opened our presents. But the day of the 24th we were decorating the tree and helping mom and dad to prepare the special Holiday dinner. My younger sister use to prepare a kind of chocolate balls, that I absolutely love! ( We also decorated the tree with szaloncukor, ( which is chocolate, wrapped in shiny paper, and with habcsòk ( that we also ate after Christmas.
      I think in America people open the presents the morning of the 25th..? How was your Christmas when you were a child? I’m curious to hear!

  2. You asking how I spent Christmas as a child brought back so many memories. I miss being a child at Christmas.

    Since my family lived far away from my grandparents we rarely spent Christmas with them. My mother always made Christmas a special time of year for us. We would be so excited to visit with Santa Claus and give him our Christmas wishes. After Thanksgiving we would go and pick out our Christmas tree and put it up and decorate it the first weekend in December. It was always fun to be the one that crawled under the tree to water it every day so it wouldn’t dry out before Christmas. We put our presents under the tree on Christmas Eve and then my father read us Christmas stories, poems and the Christmas story out of the Bible. Then it was time for bed. My mother helped us make cookies to leave out for Santa Claus. It was so fun in the morning to see the cookies and milk were gone.

    The big tradition in our family was our stockings. We would open them first thing Christmas morning then open our presents. Santa always put in the same things, an apple, orange and banana, some candy and a popcorn ball. The tradition came from both my mother and fathers families. They were children during the Great Depression. My mother got all the fruit and a small gift. My father’s family was very poor. There were 9 children in the family and they were lucky if they got an orange in their stocking.

    My mother always made a big Christmas dinner, turkey, mashed potatoes, candied yams, lettuce and banana salad (I haven’t thought about that salad for years, it sounds strange but it really was good) and an ambrosia fruit salad. We always had pumpkin and apple pies for dessert. There also candies that my mother made every year to give out goodie plates to neighbors and friends. I know people always make fun of fruit cake but my mother made the best fruit cake. She made it around Halloween so it had time for all the flavors to blend. I don’t know how she made it and now that she’s gone I can’t make it because there isn’t a recipe.

    Christmas always seemed so magical when I was little. Now that we’re all grown up I miss the excitement and wonder of Christmas. I try and do things with my nieces and nephews to make things special for them and to make memories with them. Every year they come to my house to decorate gingerbread houses and sometimes decorate cookies. Now that both my parents are gone… Christmas is just another day on the calendar.

    1. I apologize for answering back so late, but I wanted to sit down and write down a full thought when I can concentrate on typing.

      My dad brought the tree home Dec 24th and that was the day we decorated it. After dinner and a little bit of wait, the presents appeared and my dad played music from the turn-table. I really believed that the angels were singing when little Jesus born that night. That’s when we opened the presents!

      The stocking the other hand is a bit earlier celebration, exactly on Dec 6th. We celebrate in on Saint Miklos’ day, who was a priest in Myra and named Santa Clause after all the generous things he did for people, especially for poor children. There are many legends about his life and actions, one of them is hiding fruits inside children’s shoes as a surprise, that is why when we celebrate Santa Claus day, we receive fruits and chocolate inside our cleaned out boots, but not presents or gifts. We put out our shoes, near the fire place or window, and put out cookies as well. By the morning the shoes were filled! It was the best morning to wake up for 🙂 The celebrations is at December 6th the day of Saint Miklos’ passing.

      I think Christmas is as beautiful as you make it or believe it to be! Both my parents are alive and I haven’t had that same Christmas ever since I was a little girl! I’m happy if I can see them every 3 years when I go back to Hungary. I think we just have something innocent and willing to believe in real magic when we were children. Because after all, we are the miracles of life and the future for a better world! It’s never going to be the same as it was with your parents when you were little, but it’s great that now you make it exciting and wonderful for your nieces and nephews and create joyful memories for them to remember!

      I can hardly believe how fast last year ended! We have right now the Carnival Season in Europe, where we go to events, dances, have great meals and celebrate! When we say goodbye for last year and greet the new one! 🙂

      1. Thank you for sharing your traditions. I love to learn about traditions from other countries. 🙂

      2. Me too! I was so fascinated when I moved here to see, how people are celebration throughout the year their different traditions! It’s fun, but I will stick to the way I originally learned it. 🙂

      3. No, don’t change any of your traditions. Most American traditions can trace their roots back to Europe, or where ever our ancestors originate.

        Are there holidays that you would celebrate in Hungary that are not celebrated in the USA?

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