Merry Christmas

Katalin_XmasWho knew a year ago I will spend the Christmas in Los Angeles!

I remember my very first Christmas when I moved to Las Vegas and I had to spend the year, and the holidays without my parents. Still everybody lives back in Hungary, and I rarely get the chance to visit home. My grandma is 92 and I can’t wait to see her again. Every day though I am grateful to be here in America, that I am healthy and I am free to do whatever I dream to do.

The more I travel the more I see how lucky I am and how much I can be grateful for!

I am grateful for the piece in the world and that we have enough food to eat! I can’t wait for finally my magic to take off and have enough $$$ to visit home more often and start my projects that are close to my heart and help those who needs help! I’ve found this quote on Fbook the other day, “God gives the hardest battles to His strongest soldiers“. I am grateful for everything I’ve learned in my life so far and I’m ready for more.

I don’t regret any of my choices I made and I’m proud of myself that I was brave enough to make them! I’m grateful for the moment of now and that I’m aware of how wonderful life really is!

I am also truly grateful for you who are supporting my work, either online or in person, or both!

Wishing all of you a very Merry Christmas! Enjoy this moment and do see the true miracles around you! XO


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