Oh yea! It’s that time of the year again! When you cuddle next to the fire-place with a cup of hot chocolate and waiting for those chestnuts to crackle!


There is nothing more exciting than tasting your home crafted cakes! My mom use to make special ones, and only we have it once every year! Just the taste itself brings me back to that time!

Learn how to make delicious cupcakes at Mimi Fairy Cakes 


I adore handmade crafts, especially handmade jewelry! Every now and then I hunt down the cutest ones from Etsy!


Rust Orange Autumn Dangle by Pole Star



Chestnut Beer Organic Soap by Coutiver


Oh, and I almost forgot! The way to achieve this effect on your lips is to simply use a brown eyeliner or a darker lipliner at the corners of your lips! That way you will have the illusion of a fuller looking lips! XO


Rust Orange Autumn Dangle
Price: $56.70
Available: online at the Pole Star store in Etsy
Chestnut Beer Organic Soap by Coutiver
Price: $10.08
Available: online at the Coutiver store in Etsy

5 Comments on “Chestnut

  1. From a fellow Brunette, loved this blog! I too, personally love roasting chestnuts, they are really good, but not everyone is crazy from them! 😛 Loving the Brown Hair/Hairdo and Warm Makeup…

    Have a Great Weekend! 😀



    • 😀 My Grandma made chestnut paste with whipped-cream! I should post the recipe and you should try it! It was my favorite during the Holidays!!


      • OMG that sounds Delish! Yes you should post the recipe…I’d love to give it a try as a seasonal appetizer? 🙂


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