MWiP / Weird Stuff From China

My Week In Pictures! Let’s go!!

Kati_ZsuFlashback Tuesday I’ve found the cutest photo of me and my Sister, Susy. I look like a boy…

7b19fbce439458454dfe755c618327eeI started a new blog post, called Wednesday Wisdoms! 😉

New photos on my blog! #red #cherry #blog #wordpress #model #beauty #hair #makeup

A post shared by Miss Katalin (@misskatalin) on

I had a cool photo-shoot and some great new pix! Inspired by Cherry Coke 😉 CopyKat Blogpost

Friday I posted about some crazy looking shoes..

Sunday I posted a video on my other Youtube Channel!

Hope your week was great and your new week is going to be filled with love and success!! XO

2 Comments on “MWiP / Weird Stuff From China

  1. LOVED this Video…so interesting to see all the different things you picked up in China! Love your facial expressions when trying the different items…LOL 😉


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