MWiP / LV – LA

MWiP aka My Week in Pictures! Here we go!

In Vegas, taking care of some business and spending time with my cat. He has some asthma problems, and I’m so proud of how he stays strong and loving!!

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My kitty = trouble! ☺❤🐱 #kawaii #cat #cute

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Wednesday I performed at the Hotel Angeleno in Los Angeles and had a great time! Met with some wonderful people as well!

Friday I had a photo-shoot! Pictures are coming up this Thursday! Stay tuned!

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Photo-shoot! Ready! #photo #girl #red #hair #shoot

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I was really just creating and working on my magic this weekend. I love the time when it’s just me and my thoughts.

When I was in Vegas, I saw this ad at the entrance of WalMart. Someone wrote RIP next to Paul Walker’s picture. It’s breaks my heart and I thought I will share this picture with you.


This was my week in a brief photo gallery.. I hope you had a fun week and looking forward to a successful new week!

Thank you for reading! XO

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