Welcome To The New Age

Oh yes, girls love shoes! I’m actually more of a “purse lady”, but I still get awed away when I see the perfect pair on the display. This Friday I collected some insanely cool heels, hope you likeee! 🙂

For the bug lovers

This I would wear!

I am a geek at heart! Totally would wear this!


Oh yes, the woman in control! Love it!

Would totally try this for a photo shoot!

Adorable! Yumm!


Is this even real? I want one!

Step aside Gaga, here I come! 😛

High maintenance, yet cute. That’s totally me! 😀

And these shoes…

..totally remind me of this song::

Which one is your favorite? Let me know in the comment box bellow!
Have a creative Friday! xo

2 Comments on “Welcome To The New Age

  1. Great video! Not sure why those shoes / pictures remind you of it, but I hadn’t seen the video, so thanks! The fact that you admit you are high maintenance puts you way above others who are, but don’t think they are – I’m still not sure I believe it, but will take you at your word 🙂


    • Hey Bart!
      The “alien like” shoes reminding me of the song, not of the video itself. I’ve actually never saw the video till I attached it to the post. I’m not sure if there is a way where I can attach a song, but not the video to the blog. Anyway, I think the music is awesome, the clip is quite stupid..
      The rest is just for fun! 😉


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