Costa Riche, Make Me Roar!

I was playing around with my old MAC eyeliner, that I’ve bought a million years ago for a fortune (comparing it to other eyeliner I would normally purchase). I totally forgot about this guy! I was trying to replace my beloved Prestige eyeliner, but really, I was not pleased with my new find at the MAC store, and instead of returning it.. I just kept it. I’m happy that I did keep it, because re-discovering something old can be quite exciting!


Maybe because of my leopard sports bra.. This look totally feels like I belong in the Jungle!


Creamy, easy to apply, easy to blend..


You would not believe how awesome you will look by applying a little bit of this magic formula..


No, seriously! 🙂 My hair color was cool toned at the time I bought this eyeliner, that’s why I haven’t used it before. But now, it’s feels like the right shade!



Make me roar!


Hope your Wednesday was great, and if you like this post, let me know on the comment box bellow! XO

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