The Electric Turquoise

Still catching up on my daily to do’s, I’m cleaning up, washing cloths, packing for travel… what else.. what else.. Oh, that’s right! My blog!! So a bit late, but here it is! My CopyKat posts usually appears every Wednesday, today is special! 🙂 I made this quick, yet electric look to inspire you! Hope you’ll like it!


Inspired by the beautiful nature! I’ve never done scuba diving! I think it must be incredible!


By not applying any dark eyeliner on, this is a good, during-the-day look I think!


Of course, my very own Polyvore set! 🙂
Electric Turquoise


Aren’t they precious?
turquoise-pied-parrotlet1Have a beautiful Thursday and pls let me know if you enjoyed this post, plus if you have any suggestions to what else should I write about that you would enjoy reading! Thank you! xo

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