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Finds and discoveries from my latest Chinese shows!


A must have coin purse!


Special lunch with the producers…

这是什么?醪糟汤圆 你们知道吗?

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Getting basic stuff at the Chinese Tesco..

Things to find in a Chinese Tesco.. 😳

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My adorable Panda Collection from Pinterest! 🙂


A home built next to the highway at Xi’an, blocking the original 8 lanes to 4..


Fake animal trend in China


dyed-dogs3And finally, my favorite discovery, or should I say Halloween treat…
the sun blocking bathing suit!





My gosh, I realized, I have to travel more often to China for the bizarre discoveries! In my opinion, this is the coolest WTFriday post I’ve ever wrote! 🙂

Have an awesome Friday everyone!! xo

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