Hello Yellow, Charge Me Up

How are you doing? Can you believe it’s Thursday again? When I got up this morning, I was filled with energy, and my attitude, full of possibilities.. But soon after.. I can’t explain. Just wanted to go back to bed. It’s maybe the lack of exercise I’m getting.. Or I should say the lack of exercise I’m NOT getting. I’ve been preparing for some upcoming performances for October. It’s challenging working home, because you have to kick your own butt to be charged up and go!

However, this post is not about me, whining about my lack of energy.. 😀 It’s about how to get into a good mood!! 🙂

When I was working in Vegas, performing in a show 7 days a week, there were some days when I just couldn’t do it! I’m talking about those mood swings, when one moment your are great and soon after just want to fall down. I noticed, once I stepped on stage, and started to smile… by the end of the number, I was the happiest person, ever!!  It worked like real magic! 😛 Listening to your favorite, upbeat music will  help as well and dancing should be mandatory!!

Also, colors can make you feel in the certain way, and no matter if it’s spring time or not, yellow will always be a happy color!




Why not Yellow and Green together?
Blallow: Black&Yellow
Stand up straight, smile in the mirror and turn up some great music! Life is beautiful!! <3
Have a great Thursday! xo

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  1. I feel that just getting the chance to be with that special person that I want to meet with greatly improve everything about my life. My opinion only but I’m not feeling the yellow eye shadow.

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