Flashback Tuesday! / Too Feminine

Happy Tuesday Everybody!

A blast from the past! When I was appearing at the World’s Greatest Magic Show in Las Vegas! It was one of the greatest moments that I’ll always remember!

This picture we took for a magazine for magicians that wanted to write an article about me performing at the show… however this photo bellow was declined because it was too feminine. 😀



Marylin Monroe

Lesson learned, and I made this video afterwards:

I say, be who you are and pay only attention to those who want to support you!

Now you go out there and kick some ass!!

Have a great Tuesday!!



  1. Haha love that video. I can’t believe they said that, really. But it comes with good timing, personally, to hear that again: to be yourself! There’s so much resistance to that. You’re dazzling, btw!! 😀

  2. WTF is “too feminine”? You are beautiful and sexy but please don’t be too skinny. I hope you don’t have anorexia or anything like that.

    1. Hey, thanks for commenting. Also thank you for your concern, about my “figure”. I am a stage performer and I enjoy working out and eating healthy. I would not necessary call a bit heavy person obese, so why would we call someone thin anorexic.. 🙂

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