Bold and Blue

Have you ever fall in love with a product at a beauty department store and thought it had the most stunning, brave color, ever? You begin to smudge it on your hand, admiring the pigments… Doesn’t matter how much it cost… It’s perfect! Of course when I get home, and I try to include my newly purchased item into my daily makeup routine… it just doesn’t fit, and ending up putting it away with the rest of the makeup products that I never use.. 🙁

Well… I did some digging in that box, filled with those makeup, and decided to play! What do you think about this look?


Do you have any makeup at the bottom of your drawer, waiting to be re-discovered?
Why don’t you give it a try? Maybe it’s not as bad after all! It’s really all about how you apply it!

Bold & Sexy

POLYVORE: "What's Your Beauty Horoscope?" holjon2110: "Virgo, Blue"

Edgy & Daring

blue and red

Gentle & Romantic

Fall In Love: Sky-blue.
Which one is your favorite look and which one would YOU wear?
Let me know bellow the comment box! If you have a photo of you wearing your bold makeup look, attach the link next to your comment! Eager to see what you came up with!!
Have an awesome Thursday!! xo


  1. I wear so little make-up most of the time people don’t even realize I have make-up on. I guess I’m a natural kind of a girl.

    1. I was just thinking writing about a natural, “no makeup” makeup look! I would love to know, what do you use when you want to keep it natural? Concealer, mascara or just lipgloss?

      1. I use a light cream foundation to even the skin tone. I don’t like concealer, for me it just calls attention to what I want to conceal. Sometimes I used a little blush. I use mascara and sometimes brow color. I use lip gloss or chapstick. When I want to be a little more dressed up I use a colored lipstick. I can be done in less than 10 minutes.

  2. I’m a guy and don’t wear make-up but still I know what you mean. It’s the same thing like when I visit a magic store and see a cool trick or prop that I just feel I got to have. Later, I discover that it’s not that good after all and goes into the “junk magic” drawer. Once in a while, I’ll go through that drawer and find some stuff to play with in front of the mirror. Sometimes but very rarely, I do find a use for some things that I have bought a long time ago.

    1. Haha! That’s funny, because I have some of those magic stuff as well! I don’t want to throw them away.. because you just never know.. 🙂 However, sometimes I found something in the instructions of a crappy magic trick (handling, performing ideas) that I can incorporate into another idea.

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