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How are you doing? I’ve just finished shooting the Masters of Illusion tv show for CW! It was very fun to be part of the long-running series , where more than 70 illusionist will blow your mind. One of them is my dear friend, Bruce Gold, who is an excellent creator of magical ideas and a hilarious performer as well.

But enough about magic, let’s see the outfit! Guys..  This photo (unfortunately) does not give back the actual look of the dress. I had a fun time pairing and layering my pieces. I love to layer. Especially during the summer, because wherever you go, there is the insanely- freezing air-conditioning to follow. (specially at the Magic Castle). So I always layer, layer, layer.. The pieces I’m playing with are clothes I’ve fell in love with, regardless of brand name or their prices! That’s why it’s so easy to put on a simple, little bargain dress and wow it with awesome designer accessories!

Katalin Guess by Marciano

DRESS :: no name | similar here

BELT :: S.Y.L.K.

WRAP :: no name

SCARF :: Guess by Marciano

PURSE :: Tory Burch

SHOES :: Guess by Marciano

I’m preparing with a new project and looking forward of posting it real soon. Also, my new video is coming up soon! Remember, you can always check out my most recent stuff here, or follow me on Twitter, or Fbook. Have an great week and see you later!

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