Oh my, it’s a birdie

Hello lovelies,

Hope your day was wonderful and you’re looking forward to a successful, new week!

I just got back from New Jersey after performing in a private golf event at the beautiful Montclair Golf Club for a night. Yes, I don’t only perform in Las Vegas on big stages with showgirls and lions. Not at all! I’m actually in love with smaller, up close illusions that in my business we call, close-up magic.

Katalin Close-up

No, I’m not giving the hand..! 🙂 It’s actually :: “look at your card, and don’t let me see it!”

who is Katalin

I surprised the golfers with close-up sleight-of-hand magic, followed by a half hour stage show where I tried out some new ideas with a golf club and also made 2 golfers to dance with me on stage. You had no idea what you missed. 😛 It was pretty insane!

Katalin stage1

“Look, a red handkerchief!”

Katalin stage 2

“His hanky is really small! hmmm..”

Katalin stage 3

“Oops! Is this your underwear??”

The Golf Club was absolutely beautiful, and the weather was perfect for hitting my very first ball. That’s right! I don’t know how to golf, I never hit a ball in my life, but the members of the club liked my work so much, they honored me to open their 2013 golf challenge, where you basically had to hit the ball into the hole, with one swing. (sorry, I don’t even know the proper terms) 😛 The award was $1500 and let me just add that I won’t be carrying the Jimmy Choo Chandra Black Nappa Clutch Bag in my paws for a while.. but at least there was no “chili-dipping”.

almost Jimmy

What a wonderful moment, when 300 pro watching you, as you about to swing the club, have absolutely no idea what ever you’re doing and try to keep your dignity at the same time. Awesome.. “Get the body bags!” But at least nobody was shouting “Fore!”

Katalin golfing

I was smart not wearing heels during my close-up performance (thanks Betsey Johnson), only during my stage show I put on black heels. Good call, Kat!

Katalin golfing

There goes my ball! 🙂

Tea party

I had a wonderful time in Jersey, and can’t wait to go back!

Do you know how to golf? Have you ever competed in a golf event?

I’m going to hit the bed early today, because shooting the Masters of Illusion TV Show all day tomorrow! xo

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  1. I have to get you back to New Jersey. Not for a job but just to visit the state. Also you have to stay for at least a week. 😊

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