Cheating With Healthy Snacks! Is This Possible? Oh yes!

Summer is here and we have more and more delicious fruits and vegetables to choose from! One of the interesting yet delicious greens that cought my eye is the Kale! [Kelkaposzta in Hungarian if you were wondering..]


I had many versions of this green in Hungary, however, I have never tried Kale Chips before! Because I love snacking, it’s only make sense to eat something that’s really good for you, right? Well, Kale is the perfect veggie for that! It’s filled with Vitamin K and C, and very high in calcium!


The best way to make it is steaming, stir frying or throwing it in the oven (because boiling can decreases the level of sulforaphane)!

Here, Leslie will show you how to make and prepare this delicious snack, the Kale Chips!


It’s so simple and quick! The key is to make sure the kale is dry after rinsing it, so it can become really crispy!


Also, the rest I put in a soup. Do you know that people who eat soup before their lunch will have less desire for snacking afterwards? It’s hard to believe, because I always find myself craving for chocolate.. But it’s worth the try! 🙂


How is your week so far? I am in Vegas at the moment, but I brought my computer with me. The weather is so beautiful here, that I have a hard time turning on that laptop!


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