Castle Fashion Series / Thursday

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Hope your week is going great!

“Magic Castle Fashion Series” is a collection of styles I wore at the World Famous Magic Castle during my week of performing there. These photos are made backstage at my dressing room.

Continuing my Fashion Diary of what I was wearing on the week when I performed at the World Famous Magic Castle in Hollywood. This is my



Keeping the balance between colors and proportions! If you are petite like me, try a V neck shirt and short skirt that will instantly make you look taller. Always highlight your favorite part of your body! If you have beautiful legs, show them off! If you have very pretty face, make a bun or a ponytail, and if you have a petite waistline, always put a belt on it! 🙂


Here, I brake it down for you -> (Thanks Polyvore!)
White and Blue

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