Balance This

Hello Dahlings!

Hope your week was amazing! Last week I freaked you out with some breathless fishes. This Friday I’ve found a live fish, but it’s about to fall off the table with his strange tank.. Or is it just an illusion?



pod-0047-bubble-tank-by-psalt-design-2You can purchase this cool tank if you wish at Psalt!

But how about some real balancing “tricks”, that are no illusion?

Balance_HammerCan you try balancing a hammer like this?

3503744528_982a4346feApple and fork balancing trick exceptional example of the Lever Principle in action!

nails_trick_546.ashxFourteen nails balanced on the head of one nail. Learn it how!

Let me know what you think about this. Have you ever try to experiment with these kind of balancing challenges?

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