Castle Fashion Series / Wednesday

Hello Dahlings,

Hope your week is going great!

“Magic Castle Fashion Series” is a collection of styles I wore at the World Famous Magic Castle during my week of performing there. These photos are made backstage at my dressing room.

This was my 3rd day performing at the Magic Castle. So here it is, my



The easiest way to put together an outfit is finding classic pieces, that fits you well, like this V-neck white shirt and a fitted skirt in your favorite color. From here, you can go in any direction. Tonight, I went for a “Rock&Roll” style by adding this faux-leather studded jacket. I love waist-belts, so I also added this narrow belt to compliment my jacket and help pull the outfit together.

Skipping other accessories, this outfit is already busy enough, but it’s up to you, if you want to add bracelets or a necklace.


A few years ago you couldn’t catch me wearing a skirt this tight or a color this bright! I usually wore baggy pants and sneakers. I always adored fashion but I never had the confidence wearing anything daring! It’s all started with a Guess by Marciano purse, but this is going to be a different post.. 🙂

Now go into your closet and I dare you to put on a color you were always afraid of wearing.

Have fun, see you next week!

Rock & Romantic


  1. Would you mind sharing any secrets you have to keeping these kinds of fitted skirts from riding up and providing an office peepshow!? Today was an… uh… experience. My skirt is slightly looser than yours (not by much though.) and it decided to defy gravity today… Thankfully, I work on the top floor (basically an attic) and by the time I finally got to the office…

    Any help would be much appreciated as its getting to be skirt season in TN…;)

    1. Hi Rita! It really depends on the fabric of the skirt and if you are wearing tights as well. Here, I’m wearing fishnets and the skirt is made out of rayon so I didn’t have those magical “rising” moment that you’ve experienced! Rising happens because of the friction between your skirt and legs!
      There are number of ways you can fix this issue.

      1 – I know it’s silly, but make sure your skirt is not too tight!

      2 – Have you tried an underskirt? They are actually invented for this exact reason! (try the silky kind)

      3 – My bandage skirt is really stretchy and will not rise because of that! Try perhaps different material skirts! (bandage skirts will also shape your butt! Yahoo!)

      4 – I heard you can use hairspray (but haven’t try this trick yet). Just spray a little on your legs (with your tights on) before you put on your skirt. This is a temporary solution only.

      Hope this will help!
      Let me know if any of these solved your problem!!

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