Alive Without Breath

This is truly amazing!


Keng-Lye-3D-Fish-Paintings-2 Keng-Lye-3D-Fish-Paintings-3 Keng-Lye-3D-Fish-Paintings-4 Keng-Lye-3D-Fish-Paintings-5 Keng-Lye-3D-Fish-Paintings-6 Keng-Lye-3D-Fish-Paintings-7 Keng-Lye-3D-Fish-Paintings-8 Keng-Lye-3D-Fish-Paintings-9

I’m astonished by Singapore based artist, Keng Lye! Painting with acrylic on clear resin, making this wonderful, lifelike effect! His process involves pouring resin into a bowl and then painting on top of it with acrylics, layer by layer.


Keng Lye’s project in not yet available for purchase.

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