Happiness IS Loneliness?

Hello Dahling,

As I promised, I’ll post the “OMG” (or should I say “What the…”) moment of my week every Friday!

Let’s see!


The Anti-Loneliness Ramen Bowl designed by MisoSoupDesign
I’ve found this fab item on Instagram. I guess it’s creative.. Although I red comments that says how sad and unsocial.. but can you guys think “out of the box”? Here are just a few of my thought, how I would use this cool creation:
1. I can totally see me FaceTime-ing with my mom during my break in a busy day.
2. Watching an interesting lecture on TED about “How food shapes are cities”
3. Checking out a “how to” video on youtube, how to properly use chopsticks.. 😛
What would you use this bowl if you would have it? 🙂

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