The Printed Skirt

Hello Dahlings,

Just like on my older blog, I’ve posted fashion and beauty related ideas. I’m going to continue by showing some of my outfits I’ve been wearing lately. Some of them evening, some of them casual outfits. Here is my first outfit I wore for the Magic Castle’s 50th Anniversary.


This is my incredibly talented friend, Shoot Ogawa. Click on the image to view it larger.
This skirt I’m wearing is pretty bold. I was doubting any prints for the longest time, but I realized, as long as I keep it simple, I can easily pull it off! I also altered the skirt to be high-wasted. Almost all my skirts I altered to fit my waistline. I had a black purse with black heels, but you can also wear this with red shoes as well. I believe every girl should have at least 2 white blouses in her closet: a basic, button-front shirt and a designer shirt, like the one I’m wearing here.
More options -> more to play with.
The Printed Skirt


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