Thank you!


Such simple words, yet we often forget to say it!

 I just came back from quite a challenging trip from Europe. I travel often, so naturally, I feel nothing can surprise me anymore. I was wrong.

My plane from Poland was delayed an hour and when I arrived to Chicago, my next plane had just left in front of me! I couldn’t get my luggage back because they were already checked in for my next flight to Vegas. I couldn’t believe it! I had NOTHING besides my Marciano purse and an Arbonne lipgloss. I had to spend the night at the Hilton where the lovely guy at the front desk gave me a nice discount after I told him my story. My phone was at the very end of it’s power and the airport was already closing up! I ordered some food that never arrived, and after just a few hours of sleep, I was ready to start my new day, with a new attitude. This can happen with anyone! No big deal! 🙂 Besides, I’m only 4 hours away from Vegas.

    When I finally arrived to my final destination and waited a little too long for my bags.. I started to worry.. A lovely lady told me at baggage claim, my luggage was still in Chicago! 😮 Nice!! But not to worry, both of them will be here this afternoon! That’s great, but I had 3 bags..

    After 3 days, I slowly started to say goodbye to my bags and everything that was in them. Because my birthday was a few days ago, I did a little, yet well deserved, splurging. This is completely understandable! The only thing I didn’t understand is, how can I be so ignorant, to check in all that stuff? My Michael Kors shirts and skirts with tags still attacked to them! My new pair of shoes I just bought for the winter and my new jars of Sensai creams that I received as a birthday present. The more I was running the list in my mind.. the more I wanted to cry! OMG! I was such a fool!

   The 4th day I realized things mean nothing in life. I was selfishly thinking of myself, when there are hundreds who just lost their homes during Hurricane Sandy. I felt so horrible about myself. I didn’t loose anything in that luggage, because everything I’ll ever need is inside me! Luckily, I learned this the easy way, because literally, the moment this made sense to me, my phone rang! The screen showed a number from Chicago. I couldn’t believe it! I knew instantly, someone found my bag!

   The gentleman who works for the airline didn’t find my baggage number, nor my name in the system. So what does he do? He goes on Facebook, types in my name and finds me!!! He literally takes his time to make sure my little Samsonite find it’s way home! I was touched!

   I realized, the world is full of people who are eager to help one another. The more you look around, the more you will find them! Always do something nice for someone else, and when it happens to you, never forget to say “Thank you”.

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