My first post


A wonderful hello to all my readers!

As some of you might know, I just closed my “blogger” site a few weeks ago and decided to start a blog here, at WordPress.

Keeping the same format, I’m going to take you guys with me through my journeys, travels and performances. There are a lot of catching ups to do.. I’ve been to FISM, (the biggest magic convention in the world), performed at the number one variety television show in Europe and after 2 years I finally visited home to Budapest.

So here we go, I will do my best to be faithful with all of you by keep writing and posting new pix. Now that I can create a post on my iPad no matter where I’m at in the world.. this should make things a bit easier.

Thanks for reading, please make a comment (so I don’t think I’m talking to myself :)) and check out my bio for additional info about me and my work! <3

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