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From the homeland of Houdini, Miss Katalin is a multi-award winning illusionist, performer and sleight-of-hand artist.


Adding wonders to your event has never been easier! Contact us about your upcoming gathering today, and surprise your guests and important clients with something truly unique and memorable! See just some of the companies I've worked with on LinkedIn!

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Anywhere in the World, bring an incredible and elegant performance to your venue!

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It's now your turn to sit back and enjoy your guests having the time of their life!

Up Close

Walk around aka Strolling Magic is the most popular request. This type of show is up close and very personable that people can enjoy as the magic happens in their own hands! This two hour performance is the perfect choice for private events and company meetings, brunches or evenings. Often combined with the Parlour show.


The Parlour Stand Up show doesn't require large stage settings, but it is visual and can be enjoyed by 20-40 people at once. These type of appearances are requested for company special events, and often combined with the "Up Close" walk around magic show. A Parlour show can be created for children as well, and it is flexible to enjoy in or outdoors!

Large Scale

Visual props and large scale illusions are often the favorite of bigger company events, and can be combined with the product, logo, image or even magic with the CEO! A 30-40 minute is often best for these type of shows, but can also be requested for a quick, special effect as the opening or the closing of the ceremony.


Special appearances and consultations are best for TV shows, commercials, movies and for special effect creations. Closely working together with the producers, each performance is crafted specifically for the project in mind! You can check out my previous projects for reference!

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